Approaches and Strategies within Hospitality: An Interview with Curator Sylvie Fortin

Earlier this year I spoke with the 2019-2021 curator-in-residence, Sylvie Fortin. Originally from Montréal, Canada, Fortin is an independent curator, researcher, critic, and editor whose work focuses on the notion of hospitality as well as its relationship to art. What is notable, radical, and affecting, Fortin applies hospitality to how she approaches curation, her research methodologies, and more specifically, her exhibition "I don’t know you like that: The Bodywork of Hospitality."

Say It Loud with Fashion! An Interview with Celine Gabrielle

The clothes say it all! Canadian artist Celine Gabrielle captures the endless variety of personality and personal expression embedded within our clothing. For her, fashion holds memories, traditions, beliefs, opinions, and presence. They can be a way to fit in or stand out--and for her subjects, they surely stand out in the crowd! Gabrielle's paintings show her subjects owning the space, each one standing proud and saying it loud through vivid, bright colors and gorgeous fashion.

Sasha-Loriene of BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT: Always Tell Your Story

Sasha-Loriene is a Maryland based contemporary artist who captures her thoughts, feelings, and interpretation of the world in every piece. The goal of her art practice is to tell a story and create a personal experience that encourages viewer introspection. Sasha-Loriene uses bold colors, shapes, and subject matter to highlight the human experience and the intersectionality between identity (who we are externally), self (who we are internally), and purpose (who we are intrinsically).

The Color of Nostalgia: Interview with Rachel Gregor

Each of Rachel Gregor’s portraits is a soft, warm breath. They are light to the touch and delicate in nature. Her palette reminds you of a childhood story, her use of paint brings to mind the sensation of blushing, her rendering of light like sun through a scattering of fall leaves. Gregor’s paintings bring on a rush of sensations all at once through subtle and painterly beauty. In this intimate interview, the artist and I discuss the different versions of herself in her work, the color of nostalgia, and how “time finishes all work.”
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