Finding Your Groove: An Interview with Greg Borman

For anyone who is familiar with the art of printmaking, it can often be a labor-intensive process. For San Francisco-based artist Greg Borman, it brings community, immediacy, and satisfaction. In this new interview, Borman describes his monoprinting process, tells us about balancing artmaking and a full-time job, and shares how his involvement in the punk music scene has influenced his practice. My first steps toward applying my creativity to the outer world began in high school in Cincinnati

A Call for a Greener Approach: Interview with Sandra Lapage

In this in-depth interview, we take a deep dive into the work of interdisciplinary artist Sandra Lapage, whose artwork is a call to arms for a greener approach to consumerism. Join us as we discuss the artist's use of found materials, the role of 'the mask' in her performative work, and how trance and shamanism has found a home in her work. Sandra Lapage lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Sandra is a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grantee 2022-23. She was a recipient of the Repaint History Artis

Digital Nostalgia: An Interview with E.C. Miller

Digital Nostalgia is a series of interviews with artists whose works playfully use imagery found from the early days of the Internet. Their aesthetic not only draws from the pixelated symbols and graphics of this era, but also from the relics of pop-culture from those short-lived days of the 90s and early aughts. These artists celebrate our strange youth. Growing up in the ‘90s and early aughts, I have extremely specific (and fond!) memories of what aesthetics were like during the early days of

Sharing Stories in a Personal Way: Interview with Nneka Peters

In this in-depth interview, Brooklyn-based artist Nneka Peters tells us how the vibrant and joyful culture of her neighborhood and Jamaica--where her family is from--influences her incredible work. Join us in conversation as we discuss what originally got Peters into photography, her process, and how to build strong connections with clients. Nneka Peters utilizes photography and the editing process to explore themes of memory, nostalgia and our connections to the past. Having worked in multiple

Approaches and Strategies within Hospitality: An Interview with Curator Sylvie Fortin

Earlier this year I spoke with the 2019-2021 curator-in-residence, Sylvie Fortin. Originally from Montréal, Canada, Fortin is an independent curator, researcher, critic, and editor whose work focuses on the notion of hospitality as well as its relationship to art. What is notable, radical, and affecting, Fortin applies hospitality to how she approaches curation, her research methodologies, and more specifically, her exhibition "I don’t know you like that: The Bodywork of Hospitality."

Say It Loud with Fashion! An Interview with Celine Gabrielle

The clothes say it all! Canadian artist Celine Gabrielle captures the endless variety of personality and personal expression embedded within our clothing. For her, fashion holds memories, traditions, beliefs, opinions, and presence. They can be a way to fit in or stand out--and for her subjects, they surely stand out in the crowd! Gabrielle's paintings show her subjects owning the space, each one standing proud and saying it loud through vivid, bright colors and gorgeous fashion.
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