The undeniably talented figurative painter Alannah Farrell currently has their first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at Anat Ebgi Gallery, on view from June 5, to July 10, 2021. In their show “History of Violence,” the artist gives us a glimpse through a window of intimacy, into the lives of their friends and chosen family in stunning shades of soft blues and flesh tones. Each portrait is part memory, part narrative, and all raw truth.

Fantasy of a Fantasy - A Review of Kajahl: "Royal Specter" at Monique Meloche

Monique Meloche’s exhibition Royal Specter, featuring work by the artist Kajahl, is in every aspect a museum-quality exhibition. I am not merely referencing the historically traditional and representational style of Kajahl’s paintings (that is to say, portraying a ‘likeness’ of the subject—and whose likeness is it? More on that later). I am also not just referencing the artist’s unbelievably skilled use of oil paint on canvas—materials that are, again, traditional.

Out of Time by Cass Davis at Aspect/Ratio Gallery

The exhibition Out of Time by Cass Davis is an investigation of personal history, collective history, and gendered violence. The work oscillates between soft/tactile, and ghostly/alarming. Rooted in imagery that is (for better or for worse) deeply Midwestern, the work shown is aesthetically punctured by three-parts: textile works that hold faded images of religious revivals, assemblages of childhood objects embedded in earth and flowers, and photographs and moving images with lighting and tones that simultaneously haunt and render hyper-real.

Continuously Becoming: A Review of Nine Lives at the Renaissance Society

I thought I knew what to expect when entering “Nine Lives” at The Renaissance Society, one exhibition of many that have opened around the country as part of the Feminist Art Coalition. I looked forward to seeing a collection of works that were by all female or non-binary artists, or that perhaps embodied a feminist ideology, which they did. It was much more than that, as each piece was so varied in its message, each artist putting forth an experience both singular and authentic.

10 (+1) Highlights from Expo Chicago 2019

Claire Oliver Gallery, located in New York, showcased the exhibition Upending the Narrative, which included the work of Bisa Butler and Leonardo Benzant. Claire Oliver Gallery explains that the two artists “create detailed and sumptuous works of art redolent with content and mystery; these works demand to be studied. Equally important to the painstaking ‘making’ is their studio practices exploring the current condition in their own African American communities.”


In this intimate review of Expanding Narratives: The Figure and the Ground at the Smart Museum of Art, we will walk as ‘figure’ throughout the exhibition, ‘ground,’ exploring these two terms in not only the most literal sense—meaning through portraits and landscapes—but also through their evolution conceptually. In the first two sections entitled, “The Figure” and “The Ground” the two terms are visible in their most traditional and recognizable form.

‘Body As Image’ Exhibition at Chicago Artists Coalition

The ‘Body As Image’ exhibition featuring the work of Kioto Aoki, Colleen Keihm, and Darryl DeAngelo Terrell creates a space in which black identity and body politics are simultaneously explored within a historical context through the literal lens of photography, while also repositioning itself outside of these narratives by using alternative modes of image-making such as cyanotypes and photograms.
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